Diner Show " Magic Nights " with Andrey Jigalov, Alf Mahlo. Germany.

Daidogei World Cup. With Andrey Jigalov. Japan.

Roncalli " Salto Vitale". With Andrey Jigalov. Germany.

Hohner Rockin Roncalli Show. With Andrey Jigalov. Germany.

" Magic Life". Tour with Oleg Popov and Andrey Jigalov. Germany.

KO!mische Love Story - Jigalov Show . Germany.

Flic Flac Circus. With Andrey Jigalov. Germany.


Flic Flac Circus. With Andrey Jigalov. Germany.

Photography by Maris Locmelis." SPY ACADEMY". With Andrey Jigalov,Peter Pitofsky and Yevgeniy Voronin. Latvia.

Humor Festival at CCTV 1. With Andrey Jigalov.China.

Hohner Rockin Roncalli Show. With Andrey Jigalov. Germany.

Flic Flac Circus. With Andrey Jigalov. Germany.


Flic Flac Circus. With Andrey Jigalov. Germany.

Concert for One's People. With Andrey Jigalov and Urij Galtcev. Russia.

"SPASSibo" Jigalov Show. Germany.

Festival der Traume. Jigalov Show. With Andrey Jigalov. Austria.

Jurmala TV Festival of Humor. With Andrey Jigalov and Urij Galtcev. Latvia.

Hohner Rockin Roncalli Show. With Andrey Jigalov. Germany.

Garick and Urick Comedy Show. With Andrey Jigalov. Russia.


Performance Comededy Show " Jigalov and Friends". With Andrey Jigalov and KGB Clowns. Swiss.

Exhebition "American Icons", with Floris Andrea.Netherlands.

Mia Art fair in Milan,photography by Floris Andrea. Italy.

Tour with Hans Klok " Hurricane". Netherlands.


Tour with Hans Klok " Magie der Weihnacht" Germany.

Tour with Hans Klok " Hurricane". Netherlands.

"Kleines Fest im Grossen Garten".With Hans Klok. Germany.

Mexico-filming for World Cup 2010. With Hans Klok.


Tour with Hans Klok "Magic". Germany.

UNESCO Charity-Gala . With Hans Klok. Gemany.

Carre Winter Circus. Hans Klok. Netherlands.


Tour with Hans Klok "Beauty of Magic". Netherlands.


Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood, with Hans Klok and Pamela Anderson.USA.

Tour "Faster than Magic". Netherlands and Germany, with Hans Klok.


Tour "Phenomenon", Germany, with Hans Klok.


Fifa World Football Championship, Germany, with Hans Klok.

"Adopt A Minefield Gala", the charity foundation of Lady Heather Mills McCartney. With Hans Klok. Germany.


Tour with Hans Klok in China and Germany.


Tour "History of Magic" in Dubai, with Hans Klok.


Photography by Floris Andrea, exposition in Netherlands.


Tour "Magic Impossible" in Netherlands with Hans Klok.


Tour "Magic Impossible" in Germany, with Hans Klok

FISM in Lisbon, Portugal, with Hans Klok.

Photography by Floris Andrea, exposition in Netherlands.


"Dramatis Personae", photography by Floris Andrea, exposition in Nitherlands.


"The World Greatest Magic" in Las Vegas, with Hans Klok. USA.


Tour "Magic Live" in Netherlands with Hans Klok.


Leading lady in "The Illusion Show" with Hans Klok. Netherlands.

1994 - 1996

Illusion show "Eric and André -International Magic" Germany/Japan.

1990 - 1992

East European tour,show ballet"Favorite",with Alexey Sheljkin. Romania/Bulgaria.

1988 - 1990

Moscow Show Ballet, with P. Ravinsky + Russia.

1996 - 1990

Moscow art Academy, dance.Pedagog I.V. Smirnov + and U. Derevjgin. Moscow, Russia

1982 - 1985

Dance Conservatorium,pedagog V.I. Sluhanova. Voronezh, Russia

Dance Conservatorium

Having been in the entertainment industry nearly all of her life, Zarina Potapova started her exciting career at a very early age. Born in Voronezh Russia and, after dancing passionately in front of the television set since she was only three years old, she became a student at the Dance Conservatorium at the age of twelve and moved to Moscow to finish her education as a dancer and teacher of choreography. Destined for greater things, it didn’t take too long before she was dancing and entertaining on stages, in theatres and exclusive nightclubs throughout Europe and the world with one of Russia’s most prestigious directors Alexei Sheliakin.

Hans Klok

Moving to the Netherlands, she is currently performing on stages and television studios all over the world and is enjoying a fantastic and explosive career as a dancer, stage performer and is currently sharing the stage with one of the world’s most respected illusionists Hans Klok as his magic assistant.


Another passion includes modeling. Zarina has posed for some of the greatest photographers in Holland and Belgium, including Floris Andrea. You can see some of these exciting and daringly sexy results on her website.


In the last 10 years Zarina has appeared on a multitude of international television shows and has shared the stage with, amongst others: Sir Paul McCartney, Lionel Richie, Madonna, Pamela Anderson and Jermaine Jackson. And if this isn’t enough, she has also performed for a collection of Royalty including Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

The Diva’s of Magic

In her professional career she has continued to mesmerize audiences all over the world, taking part in spectacular performances in such places as Dubai, Moscow, Canada, China, America, Japan, Mexico and all of Europe’s major cities and capitols. She has also performed at the FIFA World Championship in Leipzig, Germany for a unbelievable 500 million audience in 152 countries! An absolute mind boggling amount of viewers by any standard. In 2007, she moved to Las Vegas for 6 months to further her career as one of the magic assistants of Hans Klok... better known as The Diva’s of Magic!

The Beauty of Magic

With this show "The Beauty of Magic”, Zarina performed a stunning 144 times in The Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino Las Vegas (owned by Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore). The show, starring the beautiful Pamela Anderson, exploded on the Strip on the 2nd of June 2007 and during this period there were numerous American TV appearances, which were broadcast coast to coast. These TV performances included chat shows from US celebrities such as Conan O’Brian and Ellen Degeneres.

Royal Theater Carré

After having spent two weeks filming in Mexico,where she has been working with 20 of the most famous TV-personalities(the footage of which was broadcast during the 2010 World Cup football mania for 10's of millions of football fans),Zarina continued performing with Hans Klok in his new theatre show "Hurricane".This magic extravaganza opened in October 2010 in the renowned Royal Theater Carre in Amsterdam,after which the show toured through Holland and Europe until March 2011.

New chapter

The second half of 2011 the Zarina's career entered a new chapter.Having left the company of Hans Klok,she is now performing in the show of the celebrated clown and actor Andrey Jigalov. With dedicated passion and with a feeling that the best is still to come,we will be seeing a lot more of Zarina as this truly respected and well loved performer continues to travel around the globe, exciting audiences in every corner of the planet.